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How do SBMA tours differ from other types of travel?  

Whether you are traveling with a SBMA Curator or a university professor who specializes in the area you are visiting, or meeting local curators and experts while abroad, group travel with the SBMA offers an in-depth educational art experience you would not find traveling alone. 


SBMA-exclusive tours are designed specifically around the tastes and interests of SBMA members.  Similarly, each tour that is a partnership with other organizations is carefully selected to suit the preferences of SBMA travelers. 


Many museums offer tours to select members only.  SBMA offers a variety of tours that are open to all members. 


Educational travel that is connected to an organization offers a specialized and personal experience.


Art travel and educational travel attract like-minded travel companions.


Testimonials from SBMA Travelers ~

"The anticipation of SBMA travels is always on my mind, and an uplifting thought when 'real life' becomes a bit overwhelming." - Melissa Dvorak

"I want you to know how much I loved every minute of the trip! I remember Michelle said that it would take a while to process your first trip to Cuba and she was right. Each day I grow more and more fond of every opportunity and aspect of the trip."  - Nancy Parachini, Cuba 2015

"The entire trip was 'epic' for me personally. You went above and beyond what I expected. The SBMA Travel department does it again!" - Katherine Hunter, New Orleans 2015

"...I was excited about this trip and yet wasn't sure what to expect...we saw a bit of everything and learned so much about this 1 of a kind country! I will happily recommend that a visit to India should be on everyone's travel list - to see, to learn, to smell, to listen, and to understand. It's important to realize how spoiled and lucky we are, and yet seeing most of the Indians with a smile on their face - it is truly inspiring. I look forward to reading more about India and its rich history as well as watching again some wonderful movies! (Our guide's) love and knowledge of India were extraordinary, and we all feel so fortunate to have experienced this incredible trip!!!  Thank you for all of your efforts before and during this trip; we do realize how easy it was for us - we felt protected and shepherded." - Erica Fuller, India 2015 traveler

"Your tours are so well orchestrated. Guides are very pleasant and well informed. Thus far, I've met fun and interesting tourmates!" - Anonymous traveler on Splenders of Sicily 2014

"All of the wonderful tours you put together are just so enticing!" - Peggy Skornia, six-time traveler with SBMA

"I enjoy the way SBMA trips are organized, the people that are put together for the adventure, and that we have an entree to the best of everything, especially the collections and best expertise (directors of museums and owners of collections)" – Virginia Castagnola-Hunter, Hawaii 2012


"You put together a fantastic visit giving our Mainland friends a unique insight to the rich quality of historic and contemporary life in Hawaii. Your special connections gave us entree to many local artists, art collectors, and institutions that made this an especially interesting tour. Everything worked out with precision and efficiency" - Neil Matsumori, Hawaii 2012


"The lecturers and museum hosts are always fascinating. I couldn't have made all the arrangements or known what to see without them! The local guides were outstanding!" - Nancy Schlosser, Andalusia and Morocco, April 2012
"Your tours are timely and your itineraries are imaginative." - Jinni and Rick Newnam
“What a wonderful Cuba trip we had! Our fellow traveling companions were a terrific bonus. Thank you for showing us a fascinating place which has been part of our history as far back as I remember.” – Jan Everote, Cuba, February 2012
“Many thanks for putting together a spectacular trip. Seeing Cuba with SBMA was a great way to go as was the company of good fellow travelers.” – Esther Shreiber, Cuba, February 2012

“This trip was amazing! The inside story of life in present-day Cuba was revealed by introducing us to artists, curators, restaurateurs, economists, professors and everyday people and to the sights and especially the sounds of Cuba. Thank you for creating this unforgettable experience!” – Penny Haberman, Cuba, February 2012

“This was beautifully organized and executed trip. Truly a buen viaje.” - Beatrice Oshika, Cuba, February 2012 

"My husband and I have been on many different tours with different organizations. The SBMA Venice tour was the best we've ever had. Top notch guides with perfectly-timed itineraries. Any concerns or needs we had were responded to without delay. This was my dream tour of Venice. Thank you!" - Sharon Felder, Venice and the Veneto from Palladio to the Venice Biennale, Fall 2011

"The trip was perfect!  I really feel very fortunate to have seen Turkey for the first time with Nigel's guidance and amazing knowledge.  He was so kind and patient with all of us (especially me). This is an experience I will treasure." - anonymous traveler, Cappadocia, Istanbul, and the Heart of Turkey, Fall 2011


"The food was absolutely gourmet and well-served and presented.  Each stop was well worthwhile - a visual and cultural treat.  The guides were uniformly excellent.  It was a very well organized and coordinated trip from embarkation to the final flight home.  The lectures, the extraordinary scenic beauty, and the overall compatibility of fellow travelers were all highlights." - Paul Ackerman, Coastal Life Along the Adriatic Sea aboard M.S. L'Austral, Summer 2011


"Nigel’s insights, historical information, and knowledge of art made the trip so special." - Gwen Baker, The Hidden Treasures of Turkey with Nigel McGilchrist, Spring 2011


"Any trip with Nigel is life-changing. (The trip was) simply superb for the knowledgeable traveler." – anonymous traveler, The Hidden Treasures of Turkey with Nigel McGilchrist, Spring 2011


"What a great group of people! I am missing the beautiful sea-views, and countryside." – Margo Thompson, A Week on the Amalfi Coast, Fall 2010


"We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the stunning Amalfi Coast!" - Carmella and Steve Renton, A Week on the Amalfi Coast, Fall 2010 

"I truly enjoyed this trip. It all came together so perfectly! I will definitely consider another of these tours." - Julia Davis, A Week on the Amalfi Coast, Fall 2010 


"Susan and I had a great time… was a wonderful trip." – Ken Beard, A Week on the Amalfi Coast, Fall 2010 


"The visits to homes of expats and others were a real highlight and could not be replicated traveling alone or on most other trips." - anonymous traveler, Morocco: Magical Land of Contrasts, Spring 2010


"I feel honored to have seen India under the tutelage of Praveena and Alok.  They are TERRIFIC." - Roxanne Schwartz, Hidden Rajasthan, Fall 2009


"Every single day in India was a highlight.  The road trips, the sights I saw out my window, getting the feel of the people. It was all so special to me - I loved it." - Jean Johns, Hidden Rajasthan, Fall 2009





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