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Savannah to Charleston: Gems of the South
March 31 to April 7, 2016

Enjoy Southern hospitality with private visits in both cities and an insider’s view of the most outstanding private homes in Charleston. Both cities are made for walkers with narrow streets, verdant squares, and church graveyards where 300 years of history are etched in stone. Special guides will recite the pedigree of various houses, spiced with tidbits of historical gossip. Enjoy varied fare from New American cuisine to authentic Lowcountry cooking – a blend of the best of French, English, Caribbean, African, and Mediterranean influences. During exclusive visits, we will be invited behind the twisting wrought iron gates into homes and secret gardens, bursting with springtime flowers, where our hosts recite the pedigree of their homes, spiced with tidbits of historical gossip.  Don’t miss a week-long opportunity to experience the legendary charms that are unique to the South.


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 Click here to watch a video on Savannah from The New York Times from June 3, 2015.


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