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Curatorial Support Groups

SBMA's Curatorial Support Groups offer Museum Members a variety of additional opportunities to explore, support, and share thoughts and opinions with other like-minded patrons regarding collections, exhibitions, and curatorial activities. Members gain access to the Museum's curators through conversations with artists and scholars, gallery tours, visits to galleries and collectors' homes, and customized travel opportunities. An active SBMA Museum membership is a prerequisite for joining any of the Curatorial Support Groups. For more information, please contact Hanna Ashcraft at 805.884.6425 or

Please note that memberships are partially tax-deductible. Some events may have additional fees and due to space constraints, some events will have a limited number of participants. For those events, reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

D.A.S., or Dead Artists Society, focuses on the areas of 19th- and early 20th- century American and European art. D.A.S. provides support for the Museum's Assistant Director and Chief Curator, Eik Kahng and her vision for the programming associated with these areas. Through Eik's connections, D.A.S. offers unprecedented access to curators and conservators at museums locally, nationally and abroad.

Supporters of 19th- and early 20th-century European and American art are warmly encouraged to join D.A.S. ii, SBMA’s newest support group. D.A.S. ii derives its name and focus from its parent support group, Dead Artist’s Society, and with the leadership of Dr. Kahng aims to provide more interactive events in and outside the Museum. Dead Artist’s Society members are welcomed at all D.A.S. ii events, while retaining exclusive first access to exhibitions and new acquisitions.

Established in 1978, the Friends of Asian Art supports the Museum's Asian Art programs in exhibition, acquisition, education, and publication. This group fosters a growing, vibrant community of individuals interested in the diverse culture and art of Asia. The "new" Friends of Asian Art continues to support the Museum's Asian art program and to assist the Elizabeth Atkins Curator of Asian Art, Susan Tai, in developing the Museum's Asian art collection and sponsoring related events.

For the past fourteen years, PhotoFutures members have had the unparalleled opportunity to build and to shape a collection of nationally-recognized importance at the Museum while enjoying access to experts in the photographic field and other extraordinary public and private collections. Led by Curator of Photography, Karen Sinsheimer, last year PhotoFutures members met both famed and up-and-coming photographers, traveled to Cuba, learned about the latest conservation techniques, attended private tours, and helped build the permanent collection. The group supports important exhibitions and fosters the growth of our diverse collection.

Focusing on the contemporary art scene, The Museum Contemporaries (TMC) aids our Curator of Contemporary Art, Julie Joyce, and supports the Museum's contemporary art programs, fostering the knowledge and love of contemporary art in the Santa Barbara community. Activities include exclusive access to Curatorial Salons, as well as special tours to galleries, museums, artists' studios, and home collections. Members are also invited to attend curator-led trips to private and public sites in the Southern California region and, on occasion, trips organized to significant national and international venues.
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