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2015 - 2016 Board of Trustees

John C. Bishop, Jr.

Patricia Aoyama,
Vice Chair

Susan D. Bowey

Kenneth Anderson

Gwen Baker
Dan Cerf
Les Charles
John Mike Cohen
Joan Davidson
Jane Eagleton
Lois Erburu
Audrey Hillman Fisher
John Gardner
Elaine Gray
Gregg Hackethal
Betsy Hannaford
Perri Harcourt
Cyndee Howard
Gina Jannotta
Jacquelyn Klein-Brown
Judith Little
Paul Longanbach
Bob Marshall
Françoise Park
Joanne Pearson
Michael Patrick Porter
Nancy Schlosser
George Schoellkopf
Laura Shelburne
Diane Sullivan
Clay Tedeschi
Jeanne Towles
Dody Waugh

Larry J. Feinberg
Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Director
& Chief Executive Officer

James Hutchinson
Chief Financial Officer

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